Where do I start? Well then, maybe I should start with me in general. I speak in three languages, American English (I wish I had British accent, or Russian), Indonesia, and my native language Javanese (Which I use a lot although I live in Sundanese land, Bandung). I write in a lot more languages, maybe since I am a programmer.

I smoke a lot (But, I am trying to quit), I drink a lot too, normally beer. I am not really into coffee, but I love hot chocolate. Sometimes, I play games, usually DotA. Since it is the only game that fit my cup of tea, due to Virtual Motion Sickness that I have. I am a movie enthusiast, TV shows works for me too. I listen to many genres of music, but I prefer classical most of the time. Did I mention that I read books a lot too? And did I mention that I write a lot too?

I don’t believe in religions, in general. I have nothing against religions, its their fan club I can’t stand. But, I do believe there is higher power up there.

I love learning new things every day. I love politics, philosophy, psychology, science  and cultural studies.

I don’t really like loud voice, being in a huge crowd, listening to stupidity. I like conversation between small member of people, drinking beers and talking about shit. That’s what I like.

Oh, I also speak and write in profanity and sarcasm, a lot.

I’m a loner, I love to spend times without any company. I can think, work, create, and function well without someone’s nagging. I am used to this and I don’t see it as a problem. I don’t have anything against society, I can socialize well, I love socializing.



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