The magic is not in getting married, it is in staying married…

I am not the type of guy who are in a hurry to get married. But marriage is a good thing, if not a great thing. It is just not my things, yet.

I am just waiting for finding that special someone I want to annoy for the rest of my life.

But, after all, the magic in marriage is not in getting married, it is in staying married. Just like these people…

When we are going to the grocery store…


We should go with Diet Coke, our blood sugar are going through the roof.


You are never too old to learn, right? Don’t worry, I will catch you when you fall, or not. My back is killing me, sweetheart.


How about taking selfies? And we take it to whole new level!


That should be me, who hug you from the back.


Every once in a while we should take a long walk toward the sun, in the beach!


Or watching fireworks, that should work too.


How could I forget that! This is our 50th Anniversary. I should get you a card. Red one or pink one? With flowers?


And we could take a ride, around the city, with our awesome ride!


And finally, sweetheart. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you, just to be with you.


Image Source : 28 Couples Who Should Be Your Real Relationship Goals on BuzzFeed


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